Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! 

And Happy Birthday Otter!

Despite what you might hear from some, it is widely agreed that National Lampoon's Animal House represents the college experience everyone should have. A newly found irreverence toward the world, youthful, sexual exuberance and prankster politics, however shameful, done with the highest class.

Who, as a pre-teen male didn't want to go to college just to have those experiences?
Not to mention hangout with guys like Otter, Pinto, Hoover, Boone and Blutarsky?
I salute Mr. Matheson for the fine example he set forth many years ago, at the age of twelve my bedroom was a virtual Delta house thanks to you!

Tim Matheson is 61

This was the only decent scene I could grab containing "Otter" but it contains his classic line regarding trust among friends.

Happy New Year everyone!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaza Strikes - Day 4 

Death Toll Hits 350. The New York Times has this.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Gaza Anyone? 

Maybe the media is focusing more attention than normal, but the rocket attacks into the Gaza strip seem to have an ominous tone to them this time. Is it me or does this feel like it's ramping up to be a major crisis with U.S. involvement on the horizon?

I'm leaving this as an Open Thread. Talk Gaza or anything else for that matter!

I'll be back in a bit!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Jazz and Open Thread! 

Early 90's? Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams. Cantaloupe Island

Hugh Masakela Quartet at the Monterey Pop Festival. June 17th 1967. Bajabula Bonke!

The Modern Jazz Quartet on the "Night Music" program. Looks to be the late 60's. Django

Lionel Hampton, Chico Hamilton and Gene Krupa in this footage from the late 40's? Drumoff.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gaza? Not Yet. 

In looking at the comments regarding the Rick Warren post (Monday December 22nd - "Republican's upset"!), I was somewhat pleased to see some optimism amongst the nine of you! I am annoyed by the Warren appointment as well as the Neocons and Neoliberals that Obama has decided to fill his new administration with; both groups supporting machiavellian secrecy in dealing with our adversaries around the globe.

Let's face it folks, times are indeed perilous and eight years of "all hat and no cattle" diplomacy by the cowboys at BU$HCo. has made us look like bullies on the global playground. We have been foolish in our endeavors in Iraq, yet I doubt Obama will handle an incursion and inevitable war in Afghanistan with the disorginization and failure with which Bush has handled Iraq. War is unpredictable and ultimately tragic, however and I don't see any incursion there as being a "quickie"!

What Obama has assembled is a wartime cabinet that will try to take the baton pass from Bush on Iraq, withdrawing eventually from that quagmire, but at the same time ramping up plans for Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan (which looms as a problem as well considering the terrorist entities that exist there).
Last month's Mumbai massacre could be just the beginning of more activity from Al Quada backed training forces not to mention the lesser known factions in that country.

I've maintained these past eight years that whenever some jingoistic, wingnut from the Right came at me about 9/11 and terrorism, that, "Yes, Terrorism = Bad" and we can in fact start the "War on Terrorism" once we get the hell out of Iraq and go after those who supposedly attacked us! Attacking Iraq after 9/11 seemed the equivalency of Roosevelt declaring war on Brazil after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. (This, provided that you believe that middle east terrorists attacked us that day in the first place....!)
I'll save that "theory' for another post.

Obama will go into Afghanistan in his first term and he has the cabinet and advisers to do it! This is not what progressives, at least here at this blog, had in mind for an Obama administration, not to mention the Rick Warren invocation selection which has chapped more than a few hides beyond this blog.

If you're wondering when Obama is going to turn into FDR and instill the "New New Deal", wait until the BIG, BIG financial meltdown, that brings on the next great Depression, to hit us at the beginning of Obama's second term in 2013. This from an economics major and current Wall St. Day Trader who, as a Progreesive liberal, feels "Obama has completely faked out the left"!

In looking at the comments from the Warren post (12/22), specifically those from Fried Wire and Adjective, which I cited above as being rather optimistic, it occurs to me that it will take Obama time to unravel and sort out the last eight years. BU$HCo. is leaving behind a steaming turd burger for the new administration to clean up. This could easily take Obama's entire first term to rectify and then, and only then, will he be able to begin instilling a truly Progressive agenda for the country.

I hope everyone had a great Xmas!

(We'll talk Gaza later)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas and Happy Birthday... 

Rod Serling!

Serling would have been 84 today! A master storyteller and downright macabre genius who packed into his mere 50 years a legendary string of brilliant Twilight Zone episodes as well as the much overlooked Night Gallery series of the early 70's.

In a time when Television was still somewhat in it's infancy, Rod Serling represented the vanguard of story telling for a modern and intellectual audience bored with news and game shows. Awarded the Purple Heart in World War II, Serling suffered from post traumatic stress and had nightmares which would imbue his writing in the following years. A heavy smoker, Serling sufferd two heart attacks before dying in 1975.

Happy Birthday you mad genius!

Serling flubs the classic intro to the Twilight Zone in this blooper.

Rod Serling, in what looks like a question and answer forum from the late 60's,
answers various questions regarding his writing style.

On his ideas

On pleasing the audience.

Rod Serling in a 1959 interview with CBS' Mike Wallace. Excellent, insightful and outspoken, a fascinating interview with the master!

Part 1

Part 2


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve - Noon Post! 

In my Acid eating days I would've really appreciated this house! Obnoxious comes to mind now.

The thing about Xmas that always sticks out in my mind is the blending of sights, sounds and smells that signify the season. Remember also, you ungrateful bastards, to feel blessed this season that we aren't all facing another four to eight years of depressing Republican rule under the atavistic wisdom of John McCain and the cheap folly of Sarah Palin.

We got it done this time thanks to our energy, perserverance and mind-numbing outrage at the last eight years of horror. Smith, Lisa, Hilton, Viking, Fried, Chavez, Leila, Adjective and Sam - Have a great Xmas and see you on the other side!

December 20th would of been Frank Zappa's 68th Birthday! Here's a belated tribute to a brilliant wack-a-doo!

Frank Zappa on the Mike Douglas Show, 1976, with Jimmie Walker and Kenny Logins. Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Happy 65th! Harry Shearer.
Shearer talks about the Simpsons, SNL and more.


Financial Yulelog from Angry Sam 

A brief message from the Ebenezer of the Ozarks!

Angry Sam Owen says: Haw Haw Hawww.. Merry Crashmas.

"Shoplifting arrests have risen 10-20% across the country."
The New York Times reports today that while stores expect greater theft around the holidays, the recession has made 2008 thefts more frequent and widespread than usual.

Yuletide tip:
Be good to your friends and family by making sure that everything on your X-mas list is small enough to make for easy shoplifting.

-Angry Sam


Monday, December 22, 2008

Evening Post - Republicans Upset! 

The Franken Freakout! Rethuglicans reportedly in a Tizzy!


Since Obama's election I've managed to be somewhat mum on his appeasement, as well as recruitment, of the Democratic centrists.

Aside from tow or three posts about the return of the Clintons and the thirty one Clinton related appointees to his administration roster, I've kept complaining to a minimum because I wanted to give the new administration the benefit of the doubt and see what transpires over the next six months.

Sweet Invocations?

Which brings me to Rick Warren!

This guy's divisive, if not atavistic, beliefs regarding Gay marriage among other cultural issues is exactly what I thought this country was moving away from?!

Why in the world has Obama tapped a fat, culture warrior to give the invocation at the inauguration?

Does anyone feel sort of duped? If this is what is to come from Obama and the Clintonites then duped might be the nicest thing we can say has happened.

I'm still very optimistic and excited about the new administration, just a bit perturbed that we can't seem to leave cultural and religous philosophies out of politics.


Monday Morning Financial Report with Angry Sam Owen! 

Angry Sam Owen says:  California, Uber Alles!

Always on the cutting edge, at the forefront of every new movement in the states, California is setting precedent once again as it leads the US into the future. Whether it be punk rock, Polo shirts, silicon chips or soldiers in the streets, the United States look to California for leadership.

"What'd you say? Soldiers in the streets?

Angry Sam, you really have lost it. You truly are a paranoid whackjob blathering on about conspiracies, unconstitutional government, quote - sound money - unquote, founding fucking fathers, and so on. This time you've really gone too far. Got your hands on some bad 'shine or sumthin. Quit dwelling on the past and your stupid laws and your stupid consti-fucking-tution and get with the program. There haven't been soldiers performing law enforcement duties within this country since the Civil War. Its against the.. er... law."

Goddamn right, by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, 20 Stat. 152, 18 U.S.C. § 1385, it was provided that “it shall not be lawful to employ any part of the  Army of the United States, as a posse comitatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of executing the laws, except in such cases and under such circumstances as such  employment of said force may be expressly authorized by the Constitution or by act of Congress.”

Heard anything from those dopes in congress?

Anything from the Decider In Chief?


Well, nonetheless, here we see marines manning a DUI checkpoint in socal.

CHP give you the willies? How 'bout trained killers with automatic weapons?

20,000 to start, right here in Kalifornia.

Just in case of domestic "unrest."

I don't know about you but I'm not sleepin well at all.

A little wine in the morning
And some breakfast at night
Hey now baby, I'm beginning to see the light

-- Lou Reed, 1969

Investment tip o' the day:

AKA: Split, Go, Get the fuck out, Scram, On the lam, Ex-pat, Rats on a sinkin' ship.
Currently trading at: priceless
That wall, ...it ain't being built to keep the Mexicans out.

 -Angry Sam


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Jazz Brunch 

Big Band Dizzy Style!

Dizzy with his orchestra in a 1968 reunion show.Things To Come.

Dizzy and orchestra - December 7th 1958. A Night in Tunisia.

Dizzy and orchestra - 1947. Salt Peanuts.


Midnight Rock Post - South Bay Punk 

Growing up in the South Bay area of Los Angeles was an exciting time in the early 1980's. I remember seeing the ominous four black bars of Black Flag spray painted all over the cities of Torrance, Redondo and Hermosa Beach, Hawthorne and Lawndale.

I always wondered what those black bars were about. Within two years I would know and come to embrace them and the band , if not the movement, they represented. Black Flag and the Circle Jerks both started in the South Bay along with other legendary punk acts The Minutemen, Redd Kross and The Descendents. Black Flag, however, seemed the most frightening.

Black Flag with Henry, live at Target Studios, 1983 Thirsty & Miserable

Depression, American Waste, Police Story, 1981 with Dez Cadena

Less than five miles from my house in Redondo Beach was a Ralph's supermarket turned punk club called The Fleetwood.

Circle Jerks 1980

One night in 1980, while I was fast asleep between Star Wars bedsheets, The Circle Jerks played The Fleetwood in this footage from The Decline of Western Civilization.

Red Tape.

Back Against The Wall.

1982. Strange b/w footage with an intro by Casey Royer citing punk as more of a "Sport". Paid Vacation/Trapped


Friday, December 19, 2008

Evening Post 

Mark 'Deep Throat' Felt (1913 - 2008)

Someone once said that "If you can't spy on the Democrats, then who can you spy on?" It was, however, guys like Mark Felt who cried foul when statements like the one above began floating around Washington in the summer of 1972. Now I do disagree with him breaking people's civil rights in the name of justice, as in the case of the Weatherman and their bombings.

He more than makes up for it in my book, however, by indirectly going after one of the most heinous and foul political crimes and cover ups in our country's history.

The nerve of former Nixon henchman Pat Buchanan to say that Felt should be ashamed of himself for betraying his office and his president. In Pat's book that's worse than the president himself personally targeting members of society for their political beliefs and generally betraying the country.

The Washington Post has this remembrance.

Deep Throat Goes Down! The Associated Press has this brief story.

Alan Pakula's All The President's Men 1976. The great Hal Holbrook plays Deep Throat.

Go get 'em, Dick!


Friday Financial Good Time Report! 

Angry Sam Owen says “Get out and do yer duty!”

You anti-American fucks. Where's Joe McCarthy when ya need him? If yer not out spendin' then YOU are the reason this country is dying on the vine. Go buy a plasma screen or a 900-gigabyte iPod.

Go out and spend!

Borrow, beg, steal, whatever you gotta do to be a patriot. This is a consumer economy. Either you're consuming or you're against us.

Take out a line of credit, buy a house, a car, rack up those frequent flyer miles or be held personally responsible for the collapse of western civilization.

What the fuck is wrong with you? You think this is a joke?

If you are not takin' on debt then you are not contributing to society you lowlife commie piece of crap. Debt is money. Period. Create debt, create money.


You won't?


Okay, welcome to the third world. Can't happen here? Guess again.
Don't say I didn't warn ya'.

Stage 1– Deflation: The value of assets (homes, land, vehicles, etc.) falls. A dozen eggs sells for 8 cents. but your job now pays $2.75 an hour.

Stage 2– Inflation: The price of commodities (food, energy, daily necessities, etc.) rises. You can now pay off your mortgage in 30 weeks instead of 30 years but a loaf of bread costs nearly a week's wages.

Stage 3 – Hyperinflation: The price of anything you can find on a supermarket shelf goes up before you reach the register. All the c-notes you can carry won't pay for a week's worth of groceries.

And don't forget Stagflation – Wages and home values stay the same, but a cube of butter costs the same as your monthly mortgage.

The R- word is out there and I don't mean "R"ecession.


Wake up and smell the rip-off.


Don't spend, don't borrow. Don't support the bailouts. Deficits do matter! Don't let Obama run us into the trillions. The day of reckoning needs to come. Its time for the credit junkies to kick.

Demand accountability!

The US can prosper again but not until we face the facts: You can not legislate, loan or monetize prosperity. We need to return to the values that allowed us to secede and succeed.

Buy precious metals, stock up on food and fuel, fill your cupboards to the brim.

Sell the Dollar.

Buy more bullets!

As Thomas Jefferson said, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

Or maybe, I'm just a paranoid ol' fuck and your standard of living can continue indefinitely.

Party on bra'

– Angry Sam


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Evening Post 

One of the great seventies film actors, Sam Bottoms, passes away in Los Angeles at 53.

The Associated Press has this.

Sam Bottoms was in countless other films but he is in two of my all-time favorite films from the seventies.

Peter Bogdanovich's The Last Picture Show, 1971 and Francis Coppola's Apocalypse Now, 1979.

Bottoms plays opposite his brother Timothy in The Last Picture Show.

Bottoms in Apocalypse Now, 1979, drops acid at Do Lung Bridge.

Bottoms takes surfing lessons from Robert Duval in Apocalypse Now.


Frankenwatch '08. The latest!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Tweety!!! 

Tweety Throws Down!!!

I saw this yesterday and I was screaming along with Matthews for Gaffney's anemic blood!

I haven't watched Hardball lately or any of the other blab fests from the church of MSNBC but brother Matthews reminded me why I'm a fan of his show above Olbermann and Maddow's.

Simply put, Chris Matthews attacks his guests when they bullshit him and give weak, nonsensical answers like Frank Gaffney, former assisstant to crazy Donny Rumsfeld!

Read the article and witness Matthew's wrath.

Chris Matthews is 63


Wednesday Financial Hump Day Report! 

The "Oracle of the Ozarks" Angry Sam Owen Says: Quit Yer Bitchin!

Word from the Washington Post is that autoworkers are "angry." Why should they be angry? "It isn't fair for the feds to bail out Wall Street but not Detroit," they say.

Henry Ford's dream of a car for the everyman has been achieved. The assembly lines have worked their magic and we are currently inundated with cars. Even the imports are piling up at our ports.

There is simply no demand. According to The CIA World Factbook, as far back as 2005 there was one car for every 2 human beings in the US. The paradigm of behemoth factories cranking out car after car is dead.

"Let them fail; let everybody fail! I made my fortune when I had nothing to start with, by myself and my own ideas. Let other people do the same thing. If I lose everything in the collapse of our financial structure, I will start in at the beginning and build it up again."

- Henry Ford. February 11, 1934
Bankruptcy measures would allow these companies to flush out the crap that is clogging up the gears and save the stuff that works. The same thing that should have been done with the banks. Let the losers go belly up and get out of the way instead of plundering the treasury and destroying the dollar along the way.

How 'bout the Fed's new lending rates? $2.50 for every grand you borrow. Sign me up for a few G's, might buy me a Big Mac when that ol' hyperinflation kicks in. Keynes would be proud.

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in September they would meet congressional demands for transparency in a $700 billion bailout of the banking system.

Yeah.. sure guys.

Guess that's why it's called the "TARP". The whole thing is covered up.

The Freedom of Information Act obliges federal agencies to make government documents available to the press and public filed suit Nov. 7 under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act requesting details about the terms of 11 Fed lending programs.

Their refusal to disclose may once and for all end the argument about whether the Fed is or is not a federal agency.

Investment tip o' the day:

Eli lilly (NYSE:LLY)

Currently trading at $35.32

Pharmaceutical manufacturer best known for its widely popular antidepressant Prozac.

Shares in this company are set to go through the roof as massive doses of Prozac are given to world economies to prevent global depression.

-- Angry Sam


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hero of the Week! 

Shoe Throwing Iraqi Journalist Muntadahr Al Zeidi

"Look at the arm on that kid"! - Joe Torre

You can see his gears turning.

Is this Iraqi journalist a dangerous, upstart or an example of what democracy allows in a free society?

Granted Iraq has some work to do but how ironic that the freedom and democracy that Bush supposedly wanted to bring to the country turns on him personally with the highest insult that country offers. Shoes and "dogs"!

Ha! I love it! This should of happened in this country years ago but we are diseased with apathy, I'm guilty too.

Here Zeidi exercises his human rights!

Free Zeidi!


Lunch Rox!

Since I've been derelict on the Midnight Rock Posts lately here is a substitute set.

This one is for Muntadahr Al Zeidi!

Judas Priest live at the Tube 1984
Freewheel Burning


Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Financial Scolding 

Wake up pajama clad Libruls!

Out of his cave and in your face, here's Angry Sam Owen!

As your emissary, as it were, between the nest of serpents and the real day to day existence of Joe Anybody perhaps I have failed in my duties.

Perhaps yer ol' pal Angry Sam has let both sides down. Perhaps in my enthusiasm to enlighten the masses, I have betrayed my position and alienated myself from the ones I had most hoped to reach. Perhaps I have come on a bit strong. Perhaps I have been a bit too alarmist.

Perhaps you should all go ahead and take Cheney's advice.

The Dollar, with nearly 70 years as the planetary reserve currency of choice is on the brink of losing its occupation. It's not alone.

There's a lot of people finding themselves in the same boat. During that period, entire nations have restructured their finances to coincide with that of the dollar. If the quantity of dollars worldwide has grown too large, the nations of the earth were forced to revalue their own currency to keep in step.

Every commodity on the planet is currently priced in dollars. If your national currency only buys a handful of dollars, you must inflate the supply of your currency to maintain an even keel.

If you, trusting in the federal reserve's primary goal of maintaining stability in the value of the dollar had put aside, for your children or your dotage, a sum of money at the inception of the FED in 1913 you would find that you now held a mere $50 for every $1000 that you initially stored away.

3/4s of that loss has taken place since 1970 when our old fiend (no I didn' t forget the "r") Tricky Dick broke the last ties of the dollar to anything concrete.

This most recent round of monetary creation is sure to cause the removal of the dollar as the "world's reserve currency" but don't take it from me, ask The experts

"Something funny is happening down at the bank"
- Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life.

Investment tip  o' the day:
Procter and Gamble
Makers of Pampers brand diapers
Exchange: NYSE
Currently trading at: $58.74
Tremendous upside potential as Obama infrastructure plan provides for massive governmental purchase of diapers to prevent shit from hitting fan.



Sunday, December 14, 2008

It Took Eight Years For This?! 

Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes At Bush, Calls Him a "Dog"!

Perino Gets Black Eye in Melee!

Here's the Associated Press footage of the incident

The public reacts

W. seems ready for the shoes. He's grinning as if saying, "Bring it, I come from Texas!"

You can see it in his eyes in the video -- he almost seems primed for a fight!

That look in his eyes is a brief glimpse at the punk that we knew always lurked inside George W. Bush.


Francis Gerald Barnes (1964 - 1999).

Thoughts Of Yesterday -- Great sound, in Magnificent Color!

The Real Xanadu?


Sunday Jazz Brunch 

Freddie Hubbard and Art Blakey. Early 1960's. Moanin'.

Lee Morgan and Art Blakey. 1965 Ginza.

Wes Montgomery.Twisted Blues.

Herb Alpert introduces Wes Montgomery on the Hollywood Palace.Windy.


Meet The Puss 

Not that Meet The Press isn't and hasn't been a somnambulant blather fest lately, but Vanilla boy just made it that much more cheap! I did not watch Snuffleupagus this morning, specifically, to watch and see how Gregory handled himself.

He seemed tempered and was as usual, boring with that air of self importance that he imbues his pedestrian questions with.

Granted the best I've seen of David is when he would bitch at Scott McClellan as well as W. in those cringeworthy White House press briefings. I applauded that Gregory, believe me I've been to witness to his yapping pugnacity, but I don't expect that kind of energy from him now, not a chance.

So I think next week I'll try Snuffleupagus or Face The Nation. Of course there is the Chris Matthews Show and his cozy little hearth that follows Meet The Press. Yes,Tweety! I'm worried about him, he looks thin.

HA! I Told You!

(Jazz Brunch is coming, keep your pants on Ben)


Midnight Rock Post! Rush 

Please stay tuned for the following specials......

The Specials in amazing footage shot in Coventry, England in 1979
Excellent Sound and Quality!
Monkey Man
Rat Race
Blank Expression.
Concrete Jungle
Too Much Too Young
Guns Of Navaronne
Nite Klub
Long Shot Kick The Bucket

With Rico Rodriguez - Trombone


Friday, December 12, 2008


Happy Birthday Frankie!

Frank on T.V. 1965, with a great version of I've Got You Under My Skin.

Frank and Dinah Shore knock it out!

Sinatra at Madison Square Garden for the "Main Event" 1974. Highlights!

The Dean Martin Roasts 1975. Rich Little roasts Sinatra... and everyone else.



Supreme Court Overturns Bush V Gore! Gore Declared Winner of 2000 Election!
The recent Nobel prize winner will immediately begin six week term.
More in The Onion!


FrankenWatch '08: Did Coleman Ask For Favors, Here?

Betty Page 1923-2008 The Original Girl Your Mother Warned You About!

A Remembrance Here.


Friday Financial Implosion Report - Enjoy The Weekend! 

Anti-plunder advocate Angry Sam Owen says: Congress is full o' crap!

Why such a big fuss over a piddly few billion dollars for a big retirement party for the auto execs. The FED has that kind of chump change between the cushions of their Italian leather sofas. The idiots in congress could'nt sign over $700 billion (11 zeros!) fast enough, especially once it was heaped high with hog, and now they are makin' these slobs from Motown dance like Sammy Davis Jr. on a Bennie binge.

What gives?

Yer ol' pal Angry Sam is gonna let you in on a little secret.
-People fear what they don't understand.

Congress got hit by a financial Freddie Krueger. Hank threw Keyser Soze meets the Boogeyman at 'em and the fools on the hill stampeded for the bailout door.

Cars, Sheeeit.

We all know about cars. Nothin' scary there. You get in turn the key, gas on the right, brake on the left, wheels, motors, that kind of thing, but derivitives? Credit default swaps? Mortgage backed securities? ARPS? Yield curves? Asset pricing models? Dividends? Earnings? LIBOR?...Whoa, Hey, hey , hey...
SUV's  - cool.


So now, that the burglar is gone and the coast is clear, congress is gonna strut around the house and talk tough; " That mofo is lucky I did'nt get my hands on him...I'd a whipped some ass if I'd a caught him...Man I wasn't even scared. " and then beat up on a few simpering whelps.

In a classic case of locking the barn after the horse has long since taken off down the road, here comes the "COP". No, don't start flushing your stash, it's the Congressional Oversight Panel.

These guys are gonna try and find out just where all that loot is going and scrutinize Secretary Paulson's handling of the $700 Billion.

In case you missed it on C-Span7, here's some of the transcript from the panel hearing:

Williard: Mr. Secretary, the taxpayers have a few questions they would like some answers to.
Paulson: What did they tell you?
Willard: They told me that you had gone totally insane and that your methods were unsound. (Paulson clenches his fist.)
Paulson: Are my methods unsound?
Willard: I don't see any method at all, sir.
Paulson: I expected someone like you. What did you expect? Are you an assassin?
Willard: I'm a panel chairman.
Paulson: (disdainfully, with his face in full view) You're neither. You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect the bill.
Willard: Yes... well, sir... any way what are you doing with the money.
Paulson; Thats a state secret.
Willard: Sir, I believe that you are evading the question.
Paulson: I'm rubber and you're glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.
Williard: Now you are just being childish.
Paulson: I know you are but what am I?
Williard: Sir?
Paulson: Blah Blah blah......etc...

Demagogue:  one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

There's one for you literary types to chew on.
Throwing that definition out there. Do I mean me? Paulson? Congress? Religion? Society? Or is there a deeper meaning altogether?
Maybe I just thought it was funny?
Maybe its directed at Smith?
Maybe I'll have a ham sandwich?

Maybe I'll shut up and just give you the Investment tip o' the day:

Shoei Co., Ltd.
The Group's principal activities are the manufacture and sale of helmets. The helmets are made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) which consist thermosetting resin and reinforcement materials such as special organic fiber and glass fiber.
Exchange: Nikkei
Currently trading at: $8.27

Tremendous upside potential for this helmet company as falling sky stimulates unprcedented demand for head protection.

 ...and buy MORE bullets!



Midnight Heshen Alert - Van Halen! 

1979. Bottoms Up

US Festival 1983, Romeo's Delight.

I saw them on this tour and they were easily one of the loudest bands I've ever seen. Here's Somebody Get Me A Doctor. Seattle, 2007. For Squires.

German TV,1980. This is purely lipsynched but fucking hilarious.


Frankenwatch '08


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Morning! 

House passes big three auto bailout. Will Rethugs play ball? The Nation has this.

The Blago dilemma. HuffPost's Bob Cesca nails it here.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Evening Post - Adjective's Tree House!!! 

Hey Kids! It's Time for Adjective's Tree House!

Adjective is out of the medical hospice and back where he belongs in his Tree House! Welcome back Adj., little too much Cheech in your Chong, eh?

I have to warn you kids who may be watching to cover your ears because Adjective says a dirtyword. It's the one that means when Mommy and Daddy sleep in the same bed together.

Remember that DJ Adjective spins out of control hits at the Kitsch Bar every Friday and Saturday night in the beautiful city of Costa Mesa; so all you Sactown guys grab your broads and drive down. Now! Also kids, remember to eat an apple. Here's Adjective!


Matthews in a minute courtesy of 236.com

Joe the plumber feels dirty, awwww shucks. This is still a blog of rage so I feel compelled to say fuck off already!

Update: Blago!