Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hero of the Week! 

Shoe Throwing Iraqi Journalist Muntadahr Al Zeidi

"Look at the arm on that kid"! - Joe Torre

You can see his gears turning.

Is this Iraqi journalist a dangerous, upstart or an example of what democracy allows in a free society?

Granted Iraq has some work to do but how ironic that the freedom and democracy that Bush supposedly wanted to bring to the country turns on him personally with the highest insult that country offers. Shoes and "dogs"!

Ha! I love it! This should of happened in this country years ago but we are diseased with apathy, I'm guilty too.

Here Zeidi exercises his human rights!

Free Zeidi!


Lunch Rox!

Since I've been derelict on the Midnight Rock Posts lately here is a substitute set.

This one is for Muntadahr Al Zeidi!

Judas Priest live at the Tube 1984
Freewheel Burning