Monday, May 30, 2005

Fact-Free America 

Where war crimes go unpunished.

The article linked above has undeniable existentialist message, specifically, the existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre, who saw human existence as characterized by undeniable freedom and responsibility. Referring to World War II — the experience that crystallized Sartrean existentialism — Sartre said: “We have the war we deserve.”

And that is precisely the message of the article.

We have the war we deserve.

We have the deceitful theofascist thugocracy that we deserve.

Each and everyone of us bears personal responsibility for this shit. There is no excuse. Whatever we’ve done to try to prevent this disaster, it hasn’t been enough. And I know many of you have done a lot.

But, god damnit, we expect more from our citizenry and our elected officials. We expect decency, truthfulness, and good works from those we have placed in power. We expect every adult American to recognize and act against lies, corruption, and criminal abuses of power. And we expect the press to expose the filthy liars, not aid and abet them.

Yes, our representative democracy requires our active participation and our vigilance against abuses of power. But good Christ, must we devote our entire lives to policing our leaders and spelling out obvious criminality to our neighbors? Do we have to be full-time babysitters for the imbeciles? I didn’t sign up for that. Did you?

This is fucking absurd. Rationality must kick-in at some point. Brains are supposed to work. Evidence is supposed to persuade. Rat-fucking criminals are supposed to go down.

Apparently not in the New Reality.

Well fuck it. I am god damn sick of waiting for the Awakening. If this country can be lied into war and be okay with it, then the country, as a collective entity, is finished.


I’ve done my part. I’ve shouted from the rooftops, I’ve marched in the streets, I’ve sent my checks, I’ve hung my signs, and there has been not a centimeter of movement toward justice. Not a fucking centimeter.

I am so god damn sick of the pain and stress. I think I lose a week off of my life every time I see a fucking Bush sticker on some idiot’s SUV. For over four years I have awakened every morning praying that my morning paper will bring the news that the jig is finally up for these fucking pigs. And it ain’t anywhere near happening.

For years I thought these cocksuckers would go out with a big bang. Now I just think they’ll go out with a wimper. The country will simply grow tired of BushCo Republicans, and we’ll get McCain, or Lieberman, or Biden, or Hillary, or some other “moderate” corporate tool of the military-petroleum complex. Good fucking lord. It is so fucking over.

No, this is not another “I’m ending the blog” post. But judging from the lack of activity here recently, I gather most of you are as dejected as I am. It gets damn tiring pushing that boulder up the hill, doesn’t it?

My inclination right now is to post only serious developments, serious fucking blows against Bush. Let all the other lefty blogs post about how idiotic Tim Russert is. I’m sick of the circle jerk of futility.

And no, this isn’t a call for surrender. But at some point one has to ask: Can this country be saved if it doesn’t even recognize it needs saving?

At what point do we recognize a failure to resuscitate?

How many years of jaw-dropping corruption and criminality must pass before we realize we are officially in hell.

And then what do we do?


Remember 'Em 

Well in honor of this glorious day,
I say remember the ones that fell for the dictators agenda to conquer and police the middle east.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

A list of all killed. Posted by a fellow member of my favorite website



Wednesday, May 25, 2005

How Civilizations Crumble 

See the comments on this post.


If a Tree Falls… 

Does anyone give a shit?


Monday, May 23, 2005

Uncomfortably Numb 

I empathize with Mr. Underhill’s frustration and rage. You can almost hear the crickets chirping on this blog.

Maybe it’s my fault for being a one-trick pony.

Well, maybe three-trick:

BushCo is cosmically evil.

America is crawling with idiots.

The media are diseased whores.


Whatever it is, it’s profoundly disturbing. And I don’t exempt myself.

I guess we’re just waiting.

That’s pretty fucking sad.

(Scott, I’m the only one around here who drinks wheat beer. Everyone else drinks dark, stouty sludge.)


Sunday, May 22, 2005


It was very good!

I was around eight when Star Wars came out, so the last half hour of this final installment was very intense -- and a bit emotional -- for me.

Okay, so now that my childhood is over, perhaps the real Evil Empire will be defeated.

Christ, how fucking long is this gonna take?


Thursday, May 19, 2005

“News” for the Braindead 

Millions of dumbfuck Bushbots play right into this clown shit.



Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Would you stake your life on the assertion that the Bush administration cooked up a fake case for invading Iraq?


Imagine if you were given this opportunity before a worldwide audience. If you were wrong, you would be struck dead on the spot. If you’re right, BushCo is destroyed. Sure, it’s a fantasy, but I honestly wouldn’t hesitate. I have no doubt that these fucks lied us into war. I would stake my life on it in a second.

Now for any lurking wingnuts. Would you bet your life that the administration’s case for war was legitimate? That they took us to war for the reasons they stated publicly? That they didn’t cook the intelligence to suit a policy agenda that had nothing to do threats to American security? Would you bet your life on this?

How about an easier one?

Would you die for the stated cause of this war?

Would you die for Iraq?



Has he been reading Smithantics?


Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Wow! I’m surprised the Senate Chamber didn’t collapse. After all, when was the last time such righteous truth was spoken in there.

Hey, Brits. Can we keep this guy?


The Black Sheep of the Mainstream Media 

How long before General Electric—mega defense contractor and owner of MSGOP— “suicides” Keith Olberman?



Monday, May 16, 2005

This Country is now just an Embarrassing Pile of Excrement 

So much going on today, and I don’t have time to blog about it. I recommend a perusal of Buzzflash, Atrios, and Daily Kos.

The Newsweek flap (which you’ll have to learn about in one of the aforementioned blogs) is yet another example of the BushCo war on the truth. These bastards are at war with the factual world -- plain and simple. The majority of this country slumbers while we careen towards fascism. I am in awe.

Case in point: A British government memo that proves that BushCo cooked up the case for invading Iraq is getting the “ho-hum” treatment from the quivering cowards that comprise the American mainstream media.

Iraq is an unmitigated disaster that never needed to happen, and the administration and its fawning whore media poodles want us to simply clap louder.

Have I brought up the fact that this country is over? Maybe I should say the Republic is over. The corporate-fascist theocracy is just hitting full-stride.

Revenge of the Sith.


Sunday, May 15, 2005


It’s been a while since the “Good Republican,” John McCain, has made an appearance here.

And, golly gee, his nose is still caked with the rancid dung of BushCo.

What gives with this man?

As the Buzzflash headline reads, it must be tiring having to lie so much.

Such is the shameful existence of The Fag Candidate.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Regarding the Guy Who Fucked Us 

This is about right.

Um, yeah, I’m still very pissed off.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Meet Jonah Goldberg, a Brigadier General of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. He thinks unnecessarily dead and maimed American soldiers is a total snore.

Oh, and he’s the son of Lucianne Goldberg, the horrid old crone who surreptitiously taped Monica Lewinsky's discussions of her affair with President Clinton.

Nice family.


Sitting Ducks 

I’ve been wondering about this myself:
Yet another string of car bomb attacks targeting police and national guard recruits lined up outside of station. Another 60 dead.

Umm, why do they still do this? Why line them up outside of recruiting stations presenting such juicy targets?

The suicide bomber was standing in line with the rest of the potential recruits. Why don't they search people before they stand in line? That much explosive can't be easy to hide from the most cursory search.
This appeared on Daily Kos – which is a damn good blog.


The Gay Agenda 

What exactly is the Gay Agenda?

At first I thought it was a concoction of Republican message crafters. A putrid hunk of red meat for the party base, amplified by mouthbreathing fascists like Limbaugh, O’Lielly, and Hannity and blindly accepted as received wisdom by right wing dumbfucks, who couldn’t recognize a transparent political maneuver if it bit them on their stupid homophobic asses.

But now I’m not so sure.

I think the Gay Agenda might be real.

My colon is clenched accordingly.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Springer-ization of Cable News 

‘cept I don’t recall Springer being a flat-out racist.


Monday, May 09, 2005

Faux Warriors 

Via Atrios. Hilarious.
I am not an experienced military strategist like Sean Hannity. After all, Hannity has made many more last stands in “Risk” than I have. Over at FoxNews, I have heard that Sean's countless, desperate attempts to hold Irkutsk, as Neil Cavuto's hordes surround his last plastic army, are legendary. Why the 'Song of Roland' has nothing on Sean's brave plea to "roll a six".
Make sure to read the entire post. It’s a good one.

One of the great absurdities of the Dark Years is the presence of armchair warriors on wingnut TV, editorial pages, and blogs. I'm talking about David Brooks, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh, Sullivan, et al. These clowns would shit their drawers if they got within 50 miles of a war zone, yet they love to wax heroic about the “sacrifices” “we’re” making. Give me a fucking break. Get in the car, drive to the nearest recruiting center, sign your pampered ass up for front-line duty, or shut the fuck up.

Of course, let’s not forget the mighty Ribbon Brigades — those fearless souls who selflessly risk life and limb to affix “support the troops” magnets (magnets, no less!) to their SUVs. Shit, the trip from the front door to the bumper of that Toyota Sequoia is fraught with mortal peril. And you thought Baghdad was a tough gig?

Perhaps these brave souls should drive their sons and daughters to the nearest recruiting center as well. I have no doubt they’re ready to sacrifice their offspring for the righteous cause. Let’s put some oomph behind those ribbons, shall we?


Update: I almost forgot about the 101st Fighting Keyboarders.


Sunday, May 08, 2005


Fuck politics. It’s a rainy Sunday and I’m spending it with The King.

But during my abbreviated Sunday blog visit, I found this item of hilarity.

A quick note: Vladimir Putin may be returning Russia to an iron fist autocracy — and that is troubling as hell — but at least he’s not a total fucking doofus like our dear leader. I’m jealous. Why can’t our Dick-Tator at least appear to have a fucking brain?


Friday, May 06, 2005



Thursday, May 05, 2005

Distraction D'Jour 

No, not a swarthy terrorist mastermind captured in BushCo's War on Terror.

This former American Idol contestant alleges that he had a steamy affair with Idol judge Paula Abdul. He’s going to release a tell-all book.

I know this because I watched what was dominating the headlines on cable “news” this morning. No, I am not kidding.



Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Runaway Bride


War Criminals in the White House



Sunday, May 01, 2005

“W” Stands for “Wired” 

I’m frequently concerned that my expressions of shock and disgust concerning televised media are not sufficiently corroborated here. I know that many —if not most of you — aren’t as masochistic as I am in terms of cable “news” consumption. Consequently, I wonder if some of you may think I’m overstating the case that the televised news media in particular has become a disaster of cosmic proportions. Well, seeing is believing, and Crooks and Liars: The Video Blogger is delivering the goods. Look for this baby to hit the First Reads list soon.

But on to the matter at hand.

Check out Crook and Liars’ video of Karl Rove’s ventriloquist dummy . I saw this the night it happened. It was so obvious. Jeezus, the press poodles are just cowering at the feet of BushCo. The President of the United States is clearly wired, and no one of consequence is calling bullshit.