Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey Everybody!!! It's Adjective's Tree House! 

Aah better late than never! Yes boys and girls, hipsters of all ages and general malcontents it's time for another turgid episode of Adjective's Tree House! Our pop culutre correspondent Dj Adjective comes to you from behind the Orange curtain. He's there so I don't have to be!
This episode has Adjective giving us a rundown of Hot Wax purchases he made today while visiting Los Angeles! Incredibly heavy stuff here kids!

You can witness DJ Adjective spin these featured selections and countless others when he spins at the Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa, Thursday and Friday nights or Saturdays at Memphis in Santa Ana.

For a review of the good Dj's work see this OC weekly raving!!!
PLEASE cute girls only when making requests......

Take it away doll!!!


All hands on deck! Hillarys in da' house!

Will "Tweety" fly? Hardball's Chris Matthews' rumored senate bid could unseat Arlen Specter.


Sunday Brunch Jazz and News. 

This one's for you Ben! Charlie Parker with Buddy Rich! Bird!

My dad turned me on to Ahmad Jamal when I was eight and I've been a fan ever since! Idris Muhamed on drums. Poinciana.

The whitest Latin jazz performer and the best! Cal Tjader! Soul Sauce


Pentagon Mole at NBC? Salon has this article on retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey here.

Did BushCo. allow Al Qaeda to set up shop in Iraq? From KOS.

The argument for shit-canning Secretary Robert Gates from The Nation.

Eyewitness photographer in Mumbai tells his brief account here.

Happy Birthday Abbie Hoffman. A huge influence and a hero of mine!

Abbie says goodbye to Ronald Reagan in this brief clip!


Midnight Post - Elvis Costello & Joy Division 

For my little Lagorno...

Not sure where this is. Early 80's, raining and Elvis nails this version of Lipstick Vogue.

Two songs from Joy Division. September 15,1979. Live on BBC TV.

Mumbai: Update.

Goddamned Hannity plays the economy blame game.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Midnight Rock Post - Adam & The Ants! 

Adam & The Ants. Live on BBC TV 1981

Dog Eat Dog

Killer In The Home

Mumbai: Seige apparently ends. Update here.

Happy Birthday Jon Stewart. Jon's now classic appearance on CNN's Crossfire.


Friday, November 28, 2008

The Friday Financial Report with Angry Sam Owen! 

Angry Sam, in a post tryptophanic haze, ponders the question:

How long can it go on?

See comments.


Midnight Rock - Jane's Addiction! 

Live in Italy, 1991. Three songs.


Mumbai Attacks: "Orgy of Killings" 

Disturbing eyewitness accounts.

Gunmen created killing zone.

Audacity of attacks shocks India. Recent update is here.

10 Republicans who should go away!.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Adjective sent this holiday gem in from 236.com

Happy Birthday Hendrix! Live at Royal Albert Hall, London. February 24th, 1969. Here!


The Police on the Midnight Rock Post! 

Old Grey Whistle Test. February 1978. Can't Stand Losing You and Next To You.

Frejus, France 1980. From Urgh, A Music War! Driven To Tears.

Mumbai Attacks. Local Deccan Mujahideen claims responsibility. Brief article


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Back, I'm Nationwide! 

A member of the Punk rock liberation front, my rescuers, is captured. He was later executed.

After being held captive by a group of heinous Somali pirates I managed to escape with the help of the International punk rock liberation front, to which I donate money to. I was rescued by the Front in a horrific slingshot battle and was ferreted to the Somalia airport where I caught a C-130 military transport bound for New Delhi, India to cover the current terrorist attacks in the city of Mumbia formerly Bombay. Standby...


Holiday Open Thread 

Due to Underhill's Somali Pirate captivity, the forecast calls for light to nonexistant blogging over the holiday weekend.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Midnight Rock Post - U2 

U2 live on Top of the Pops. BBC TV. March 31st 1983. U.K. Excellent quality and sound. Smoking!

Candace Gingrich puts her big brother Newt on notice!

Frankenwatch '08. 538s' Silver predicts gold for Franken by 27 votes!

The Bush pardons. "Garden variety" criminals and a cocaine felon. What no cronies George?!

JFK assassination - part 3. DJ Steinki lays it all out in four minutes.Oh no!


Monday, November 24, 2008

JFK Assassination - part 2 

Oswald talks to reporters after being arrested for the assassination of president Kennedy here.

Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby shoots Oswald in this alternate footage.

A wealth of info on Oswald here.

I certainly have never and will never believe, lovely thought that it may be, that Ruby was merely avenging Jackie Kennedy's and Americas' loss. The life of Jacob Rubenstein is here

I know I am a JFK assassination and conspiracy nut; I'm the first to admit it. I can't help but feel the events that November weekend in 1963 still affect the American psyche. The assassination, it's place in our culture, is relevant and important in the way we look at ourselves and our government. We have cast a skeptical and dubious eye on that government and the dark underbelly of this country ever since then. Only Watergate and the Vietnam war hold the same dramatic impact on us to this day.

Keeping progressives active. Katrina Vanden Huevel of The Nation has this.

Krugman wins Nobel prize in economics, meets Bush.


Monday Morning Financial Report with Angry Sam Owen! 

Resident alarmist Angry Sam sez: FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON IS UPON US!!!

If you bought the S&P 500 11 years ago you broke even on Friday, unless you take inflation into account, in which case YOU LOST YOUR ASS! Friday also added three more failed US banks to the growing list of losers. GMAC applied for bank status to try and secure a tasty chunk o'gummint loot. You can apply here for your own piece of Uncle Scam's pie. By law GMAC becoming a bank would mean they'd have to stop makin' cars. Who are these guys kiddin?

On a happy note:
Phony Mae and Fraudie Mac announced that they will postpone foreclosures during the holiday season. Merry-fuckin-krissmass. See ya on January 2nd.
- Angry Sam

Sam in happier times.


Midnight Rock Post - Devo! 

The inimitable Devo. Not sure of the venue but great sound and high quality footage from 1980.

George Will's version of the New Deal as seen on This Week.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to Adjective's Tree House 

The Wizard is in!

Hey folks! It's time for Adjective's Tree House featuring The Riley & Uncle Steve Show. Riley is the multi-talented star of the show. And Steve? Well let's just say it's all he can do to keep up with this ambitious little seven-year-old. Who, BTW, just got a visit from the Tooth Fairy and received five dollars under her pillow.

Which brings me to this point: In these uncertain times with the economy the way it is, Riley's dad Joe might want to have a chat with the good Fairy and tell her to bust out a little more dough come the next tooth, eh?

So enjoy The Riley and Uncle Steve Show here at Adjective's Tree House!

Thanks to Lisa for this great article from New York magazine on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

Want to see what a "paticipatory democracy" looks like? Political pranksterism: Fun and patriotic!


Sunday Brunch Jazz - Church of Coltrane 

I received an urgent dispatch from our phantom-like leader Mr. Smith, who reported having taken a bit of a fall while dancing at an all night Laotian discotecque. Reports are he is on the mend and that while prone he is requesting Jazz. Get well, Steve.

The John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy doing Impressions in 1965. I think this is from Belgium T.V.


Sunday Open Thread 

Anyone catch any of the Sunday morning Beltway blab fest ala' Meet The Press, Stephanopolous, Bob Schieffer et al? I missed them all this morning due to 'staffing' issues. Talk amongst yourselves. Be back later.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Midnight Rock Post Double Shot with Siouxsie and the Banshees and T.S.O.L. 

Siouxsie and the Banshees in Cologne, Germany 1981. Great Sound. High Quality.

Another Orange county punk original and huge influence - T.S.O.L. Live in glorious b/w probably around 1980/81 with the original line up. This looks like it could be at the Fleetwood in Redondo Beach. Maybe the Cukoo's Nest? Thanks Steve for posting this gem earlier.


Hasselbeck's a dick and I'm frigging crying!


Does This Ad Piss You Off? 

Considering what is going on in our economy I was incensed this evening by what appears to be the start of the annual running of the 'Lexus Christmas Sales Event to Remember' ads. Theses pompous ads are so out of touch with the grim realities of today's strugglig family. The voice over to the ad is equally condescending and snobbish, like the guy's going to sell me a car and then ask if I have any Grey Poupon.

With the big three auto makers about to go under, which would make for a not so Merry Xmas for millions, I can't help but be pissed when I see one of these ads and their brazen arrogance and presumption that one should go out and buy a forty thousand dollar luxury sedan right now.

I know it's the Christmas money machine and the wife really needs one and I should expect this but seeing one of these ads right now almost seems obscene. Like a loud fart off a plastic seat in a quiet room full of people. Just a thought.

Gibbs to be White House Press Secretary. Huffington Post has

Obama's new cabinet takes shape with a surprising lack of progressives. The Nation's Chris Hayes asks WTF!

Frankenwatch '08 - You be the judge and decide which candidate the challenged ballot goes to here.


The Maddening Bush Legacy 

How have we allowed this guy and his pals to shit on us these past eight years? Outrageous!

Washington Monthly has this on the maddening Bush legacy.

The maddening Bush legacy part 2 - The Lame Duck Economy by Paul Krugman.

President-elect Obama gives us the 411 on his plans for the economy.

Happy Birthday! Remembering Dangerfield.


Midnight Rock Post - Dead Kennedys 

On November 19th 1979 the Dead Kennedys played the Earth Tavern in Portland Oregon. Judging by these performances the Dead Kennedys were perhaps the best band in the world that night! This is by far the best footage I've ever seen of the live Dead Kennedys experience. Great sound quality and footage. Tight songs with the first drummer Ted!

Kill The Poor

California Uberalles



The Day The Country Died 

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
- John F. Kennedy

Forty five years ago today the world changed. I believe Obama's 'Audacity of hope' picks up where Kennedy's equally audacious vision of hope and renewal left off. It has been sorrily needed.

The Zapruder film here.

A brief history of the assassination and events in Dallas are here.

A rundown of conspiracy theories from Wikipedia are here.


OK one more article on Hillary. New York Times' Peter Baker has what looks to be her acceptance.

Governor Bill Richardson up for Commerce Secretary in this brief article from the


Friday, November 21, 2008

Dow Jumps 500 Points. 

The Dow jumps close to 500 points upon New York Federal Reserve Chief Tim Giethner's appointment to Treasury Secretary. More here.

Frankenwatch '08. Another dispatch from Minnesota's Star Tribune

Repulican Senator Saxby Chambliss doesn't play well with others.


A Few Words from Economic Editor Angry Sam Owen 

Silly round eye you owe us bukku dollar!

Economic editor AngrySam says: Bailout Mania Will Kill Us All!

After the 'Beg'3 auto executives showed up on the hill holding their cardboard signs, I started thummin' through that "Goddamned Piece of Paper" to read the Bailout Clause and guesswhat?chickenbutt! THERE IS NO BAILOUT CLAUSE IN THE CONSTITUTION!! There is no damn Santa clause either and you sure wouldn't see him costin' us $4,284,500,000,000 (4.28 trillion dollars). -AngrySam


Midnight Rock Post - The Jam! 

The Jam on the Midnight Post live from a Granada UK T.V. performance 1982 for

Also: BU$HCo's human rights: "best in American history"?! Watch!

Bush has cooties.

Good riddance to old rubbish. WAPO has the Stevens' farewell formality here!

This update on the auto bailout from BBC News, and the Minnesota Star Tribune has this on Franken/Coleman


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seperate Vacations? 

Anyone who worships in the church of MSNBC will have undoubtedly noticed that Father Olbermann and Sister Maddow, who doubles as an alter boy with me sometimes, are both gone this week.
Is there something to this? Are they off in Barbados together with Mr. Smith? Does Olbermann find Maddow oddly fetching as I do? Does Maddow take one for the team every so often?
Anyone wanna take it from here?


Cabinet Watch 08'!!!!!!!!! 

Waiting for Hillary to call.....?

I'm ending 'Cabinet Watch' 08'! Obama has a great team behind him and he's no dummy either. They didn't get this far through osmosis. So I'm ending all speculation and leaving my faith in the hands of president-elect Obama and gang. I'm not saying let's not discuss it by any means. I'm just not going to post on Hillary or the SOS position anymore. But don't let me stop you guys...


Gonzo and the Man 

...and we all know who the "man" is. I get the feeling Dick&Gonzo aren't losing any sleep.


Veep-elect Joe Biden - 66

Kissing bandit Dick Dawson - 76


One of the little turd presents BUSHCo. is trying to leave us is a bomb gift wrapped in the evangelical culture wars! Go to Hell already.

Will Dick & Gonzo truly go down?

Janet Napolitano - not just an ice cream anymore?!

And net babe 'The Resident' talks to the average geek on the Auto bailout....and the DOW is down currently 207.86.


Midnight Rock Show! 

I have received a dispatch from our fearless leader Mr.Smith. It appears he is in Barbados and is requesting music. Ok. I try to provide a wide array of things here while Smith is gone and music was something I had in mind so you got it Steve! No it's not fucking RUSH! It's better! It's a band that shaped our youth! In vintage b&w from a 1979 Japanese documentary. High quality, great sound. Watch it in full screen and yes that is Captain pissing on the audience about 10 seconds into the footage!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

After all we've seen this past election season - We're still talking about the Clintons... 

I usually never agree with MSNBC politcal analyst Michelle Bernard but she made a point on Hardball regarding the Hillary/SOS offer and the Clintons in general which was "Once again we're talking about the Clintons"!!! Bernard makes an Ironic point considering Obama's historic victory and clarion call for change. WaPo.com has this brief article on the Billary question from David Broder and he makes some considerable points.


An Administration Takes Shape, Ballot Judgement for Franken, Sour Grapes from FOX Trolls 

Obama taps Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human Services. TPM has the story here.

Small victory for Franken here.

And the Shut The Fuck Up award for the day goes to these two.


Wednesday - Hump Day! 

The Markets are up and so am I...and so is Ms. Dowd - who finally convinces me on the Billary question riiiiiight here!!! Then Friedman weighs in to change my mind


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going, Going.....Gone!!! 

Another one bites the dust! Ted Stevens (R) loses senate seat as Begich (D) makes it 58 for Dems. Palin to give impromptu speech! Also! Obama deputizes Eric Holder the new sheriff! Hillary! O' Hillary! Where for art thou? Turns out she's a little shy! Somewhere at sometime someone out there has gotten weed from this guy!


Richard Pryor predicts the rise of Obama 30 years ago! 

"The first thing a black president would do in the White House is rip up the carpet
and put in some shag."
Listen to the entire prediction here


Minnesota Madness? 

Mark Twain’s quip is that “a lie travels halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” is proving apt when it comes to Minnesota’s recount

Minnesota!!! - Coleman/Franken. Coleman (R) up by a mere 206!
Shenanigans! Rumors of missing ballots - does 'Tweety' further them? Gov. Pawlenty's gender gaffe! Media Matters has this on yesterday's Hardball! Matthews throws it up for consideration. And less murky waters from MinnPost.com here!


Now watch your ass, guy!!! 

Okay - I get it! I don't like it... but I get the long term reasoning. Lieberman is now on probation in my


Well at least you did that Hank! 

" I, ah well we uhm, well!...ummm, well It's ah kinda...sort of gone, uh see well the Bush administration and uh I guess half of it! But I...I...I bought a Prius"!