Saturday, November 22, 2008

Does This Ad Piss You Off? 

Considering what is going on in our economy I was incensed this evening by what appears to be the start of the annual running of the 'Lexus Christmas Sales Event to Remember' ads. Theses pompous ads are so out of touch with the grim realities of today's strugglig family. The voice over to the ad is equally condescending and snobbish, like the guy's going to sell me a car and then ask if I have any Grey Poupon.

With the big three auto makers about to go under, which would make for a not so Merry Xmas for millions, I can't help but be pissed when I see one of these ads and their brazen arrogance and presumption that one should go out and buy a forty thousand dollar luxury sedan right now.

I know it's the Christmas money machine and the wife really needs one and I should expect this but seeing one of these ads right now almost seems obscene. Like a loud fart off a plastic seat in a quiet room full of people. Just a thought.

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