Thursday, September 30, 2004


I think Uncle Karl shorted the chimp on flashcards.


The Big Night 

Busy today, not much time to post. And, anyway, many of us are just counting the hours until the debate. Use this thread to discuss the debate and post-debate spinfest if you'd like.



Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Badass Sheriff 

To hordes of unthinking, gullible, ignorant imbeciles, Bush is the badass sheriff of America.

That's why they're voting for him.

He's not the drunken, sniveling, privileged frat boy sissy who ducked military service while his opponent--that patrician liberal wuss, John Kerry--was driving an aluminum can up the Mekong River.

He's not Dick Cheney's "Top Gun" dress-up sock-puppet.

He's not the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on this country.

No, he's the badass sheriff, and he's gonna protect all those "security moms" from the terrorists.



Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Brilliant Oil Painting Of Bullshit 

Atrios nails it.

I've noticed watching Wolf Blitzer over the past few days that the reality as presented by the Bush administration is the reality that he, and much of the rest of the TV news media, convey to the public. It isn't simply a disagreement over certain issues, it's the digestion and regurgitation of an entire alternative reality world which has been served up by the Bush administration and eagerly spit back out by those in the media. It isn't simply about successful framing of the issues, they've managed to provide an entire canvas, a brilliant oil painting of bullshit.

It's impossible for Democrats and other people who are actually living in this world and not the one which the Bush administration has erected around the CNN studios to break through this. It's one thing to challenge errors, or provide a different spin, or reframe an issue. It's another thing to have to tear down the very fabric of this alternate reality.

The Bushies love to mock people for "living in a September 10 world" (apparently not bothered by the fact that on September 10th it was they who were tragically living in that world), but they and much of the rest of our news media are living in a May 2nd 2003 world, where the mission has been accomplished, the "schools" are being rebuilt, electricity is being restored, and progress is being made.



Unbelievable. Gallup, a name millions of Americans associate with unbiased scientific objectivity, is a straight-up GOP propaganda tool. The respected polling organization is over-sampling Republicans in its surveys and then spreading its skewed results through CNN and other mainstream media outlets.

Gallup is creating and perpetuating the lie that Bush holds a solid lead in the polls. Media bobbleheads use this bogus data as the basis for their shilling for the administration. An illusion is created—and sustained until election day—that Bush is the likely winner. And the braindead, American Idol-watching, herd animals that make up a major portion of the electorate vote Bush because they think that’s what most other people are doing.

A nation of imbeciles.

Too fucking stupid to think.

Too fucking blind to see that they are being hoaxed by a gang of corporate-militarist thugs and their proxies in the national media and polling organizations.

We are careening towards oblivion.

Have a nice day.


Monday, September 27, 2004

When Are You Going to Do This? 

The Freeway Blogger is on on fire!

And we should be as well.

Do your country a favor. Instead of just being momentarily impressed with the work the Freeway Blogger is doing and then getting back to your life, get out there and hang some signs.

Tell your community about BushCo. The exhilaration of hanging one of these babies is amazing.

I know you have something to say. Say it big.


A Debate Primer 

Print this for reference during the post-debate “analysis.”

I guarantee you the whore media will use this template to cover Bush’s lying, bungling ass.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Little Help From… 


This is quite interesting, indeed.


Back in Town 

Blogging to resume shortly.

Lots to talk about...namely the imbeciles that still...


intend to vote for Bush.


Christ on a fucking crutch.

Back soon.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

King Morford 

This was inevitable.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Press Wakes Up 

That’s right, folks, the mainstream media have been roused to action.

Finally, they have awakened from their slumber, and, hot damn, are they pissed off!

At long last, our print and television journalists are aiming all of their investigative, analytical, and moral powers against the man who led the country astray by relying on falsified and politically distorted information.

Yep, Dan Rather is toast.


Consistency’s a Bitch  

Sounds more than reasonable to me.



Read the guy everyday. He just consistently nails it.


What You Get With A Bush Presidency  






Monday, September 20, 2004

Cut n' Run When the (S)election's Done? 

This—along with Kerry’s excellent Iraq speech— is creating quite a buzz today.

Oh yeah, CBS chunked it big time. Nice job, guys. Way to give the GOP some extra ammo. Fuckheads.


Kerry’ Speech on Iraq  


The whore media has been ridiculing Kerry for not articulating a clear position on Iraq. Well, suck on this, you disgraceful GOP lackies.

Now shut the fuck up.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

Pentagon News Network 

You know, I could devote this entire blog to the outrage that is CNN.

This is just beyond belief.

In case you were unaware, CNN “analyst” Bill Schneider is a member of the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute -- where all those magic democracy beans came from.

Contact CNN here.


Saturday, September 18, 2004

CNN: The Delicate Art of Whoring for the White House  

CNN is far more insidious than FOX.

FOX’s cover was blown years ago. Even a good chunk of FOX's braindead viewers know the broadcast is beamed straight out of the White House situation room. The network is a complete joke.

But for the supremely gullible, CNN is still able to masquerade as the marginally credible news organization it once was. They don't have the right wing circus atmosphere that FOX has, so, to the casual viewer, CNN appears to be a more staid, "fair n' balanced" channel. Their White House shilling is, by comparison, more nuanced than the blustering of FOX.

But CNN's whoring has reached epic proportions. It’s really quite something to witness. Just check out that liberal Paula Zahn.

I'm convinced that, like FOX, CNN has a "memo" system.

Yesterday's theme was:
Despite the difficulties in Iraq, our beloved Wartime President carries a COMMANDING lead over the flip-flopping, multiple-personality, hapless candidate John Kerry, whose bid for the White House is all but over.
Oh yes, one more thing: The polling organizations are owned by the same corporations that own the government and the media. They too are instruments of right wing propaganda. Their methodology is gamed for BushCo. Don’t buy the lie.


Friday, September 17, 2004

Oh God, Nooooooo 

Regarding my last post—the rally the troops thing about how this thing ain’t over yet?

Nevermind. We’re fucked.


Stop the Defeatist Whining Crap! 

The game is still very much on, and yet I’m hearing a lot of people practically conceding the election.

This is precisely what BushCo wants you to do.

Stop it.

Stop buying in to the White House talking points being served up by the whore media. If that sounds insulting, so be it. We are all susceptible to the steady drumbeat of state-corporate propaganda—myself very much included.

Let’s see what Kerry's got up his sleeve for the final weeks. The polls are pulling even. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's step up our support.

Send $25 to the DNC— like I just did.

Don’t begin mentally and emotionally preparing yourself for a Bush victory.

Resist the mindfuck.

Your passion, positivity, and activism are needed now more than ever. This is the final stretch.

Kerry in a landslide, with your help.


Thursday, September 16, 2004


The forgotten other war we’re losing thanks to the imbecile the right wing media would like us to believe is keeping us safe.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ain’t That America II 

Update to an earlier post.



Mike Malloy: Radio Prophet 

Have you heard the Mike Malloy show on Air America?

If not, you must check him out!

This man’s broadcasts are positively electrifying. Malloy just skewers BushCo. It’s a beautiful thing.

I discovered Malloy’s show while making a quick errand to the grocery store. That quick errand turned into me sitting in my car for nearly an hour, literally yelling and pumping my fist!

Yes, he’s that good.

In Sacramento, Malloy can be heard from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. on 1240 AM (the Air America affiliate).

For all others, find a station near you here.



More bang-on-the-money media analysis from Eric Alterman:

The group of liars and miscreants who make up Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were able to dominate the news and possibly turn the tide of the election despite offering false information against a decorated war hero, to support two war-avoiders who let others fight and die for a cause they professed to support, for two reasons. The first is the existence of an ideological movement that masquerades as a respectable segment of the media. This mass movement is dedicated to preserving power for the combination of wealthy corporate executives, religious fundamentalists and neoconservative ideologues who make up the Bush Administration's base, with little, if any, regard for the truth of its arguments. Its members include Fox News talking heads like Brit Hume, who said, "There's a thread here that one might trace through the criticisms of John Kerry and his behavior, even in this campaign, and that is the sense of somebody who is an absolutely incorrigible opportunist"; embittered Republican politicians turned pundits like Bob Dole, who claimed, "He's got himself into this wicket now where he can't extricate himself because not every one of these people can be Republican liars"; traitorous political operatives who masquerade as pundits, like Robert Novak, who termed the Swift Boat liars "the real patriots to rise to the surface this election year"; and is rounded out by Matt Drudge, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the Washington Times and other right-wing apparatchiks.

But, second, to point exclusively to the dishonest machinations of the right-wing media would be to miss the significance of the so-called liberal media (SCLM). Their willingness to treat scurrilous slander as mere "politics as usual" abdicates the most fundamental responsibility of journalism: to ascertain, as best as one can, just what the truth of a given situation may be.


BushCo Asshole Wagon 

Perfect for Arnie, Shaq, and legions of macho shitheads with small dicks.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ain’t that America 



Penetrating the Mists of Media-Generated Idiocy  

Kevin Drum gets to the heart of the matter—the sickeningly obvious reality that the braindead Bush imbeciles refuse to grasp.
It's clear now that (a) George Bush had no idea what he was getting himself into, (b) his initial plan for rebuilding Iraq was a fantasy, (c) each of his succeeding plans has failed within months, and (d) he's just flailing now, desperately hoping to keep things from completely falling apart before the election.

This is George Bush's idea of fighting terrorism. If this is your idea of fighting terrorism too, he should get your vote on November 2nd. If it's not, well.....
Any questions?

Please tell your idiot Bush-supporting brother, coworker, grandma, whomever to hop off the fucktard wagon. It’s time to save the country.



Clueless whore.


83 Signs, 1,000 Dead Soldiers 

Read all about the Freeway Blogger’s big day here.

If this guy can hang 83 signs in one day, surely we can hang at least one or two a week.

Tell your community about George W. Bush.

Be the media.


Sunday, September 12, 2004


Is the Kerry campaign just staggeringly incompetent, or is it a victim of a right-wing attack machine that is vastly better funded, disciplined, and organized?

I suspect it’s a combination of both; I just can’t figure out which is the more decisive factor.

At any rate, I’m trying my best to not be f***ing livid with our candidate and his vanilla-flavored campaign. But I'm not sure how much longer my patience is gonna last. One wonders if these people are in the process of taking a dive. Really.

If the inconceivable happens. If Kerry loses. This, of course, will be the final straw for me. I will leave the Democratic party the day after the election. The only reason I have remained a registered Democrat since the colossal failure that was the 2002 mid-term elections (when the Dems handed the Republicans control over the government) is Bush himself.

These are supremely unnerving times?


Saturday, September 11, 2004

Atrios Revealed 

Yes, the man of mystery finally outed himself .


Friday, September 10, 2004

Undecided? Are You Kidding Me? 

Busy today. Not much time to post

But, yeah, I’ve been curious about this myself.

What gives with these knuckleheads?

Hey, check out the site meter I’ve added below. Let’s pump up that number!

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Today the Fish, Tomorrow the Children 

Just in case you have not developed the hatred and loathing of this Administration and its’ policies, I thought a little example of their environmental position may just WAKE YOU UP! For the sake of the environment and for the sake of our children’s children we need to get these bastards out of office. Here is an excerpt from an article that sites the official California Department of Fish And Game Report about the Country’s largest ever “fish kill” over 34,000 salmon were killed in the Klamath River because of Uncle Georgie and Uncle Karl!
Fishermen's groups, the tribes and environmental groups reacted to the report's findings as confirmation of their contention that the fish kill was a man-made disaster caused by a change in Klamath Basin water policy by the Bush administration. In a move to gain favor with agribusiness during a reelection campaign by an Oregon Republican Senator, Karl Rove, Bush's Political Advisor, recommended the change in policy that favored Klamath Basin growers over fish and downstream water users. After the farmers diverted their water for subsidized potatoes and other crops, little water was left for fish. The result was the largest fish kill in U.S. history.

Let’s just forget for a second about the Native American groups that utilize these fish as their main staple, that Chinook are a threatened species, let’s just forget about how salmon are born and then move back up river to spawn, (which will now have a huge gap in the next 5 generations) and let’s just forget about the hand outs, covert handshakes and deplorable environmental policy of this administration. These guys killed more fish in a man made disaster all for the benefit of a republican senator from Oregon! I hope that George, Karl and this senator all choke on a fishbone someday! Don’t think for a second these bastards wouldn’t sell their own mothers for a vote!

For the sake of us all this has to stop!


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Thing o’ Beauty 

Bill Maher scorches Bush.

Fuckin’ great.


Must-See TV: Tonight 

Kerry bled, Bush fled

(Note: Marshall's post was from yesterday. The interview airs tonight)


Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Deliver us from this evil.


Bush Lied, Soldiers Die 

Any questions?

Josh Marshall has some sound advice for the Kerry Campaign.

I sure hope the new campaign staff Kerry has added have the brains to realize that, like it or not, this is a campaign of soundbites. Christ, these people need to break out of the bubble from which they are running this wishy washy, focus-group-driven, losing effort. It’s a tragic shame that today’s electoral politics are based on the consumer model of simple messaging, but this is the reality, and there’s less than two months until the election.

Bush’s abysmal record is the ammo.

Time to unload.

(Who would’ve thought the Democratic candidate would be unable to articluate why the worst president ever does not deserve a second term?)


One Man, One Day, One Hundred Signs 

Very cool.

The most popular blogger on the planet posts about the Freeway Blogger’s big day today.

And look whose humble little site is at the top of the Freeway Blogger’s blogroll. That’s some primo exposure.

I’m also pretty fired up that the sign the Freeway Blogger and I hung in Sacramento under extreme peril is on the front page of the site.

Hey, Dawn Patrol!

Time for redeployment!


Sunday, September 05, 2004

Ten Hut! 

I hope everyone is having or had a nice holiday weekend.

Most of you probably aren’t stuck at home like I am (writing a conference paper). You're probably enjoying one of the last good weekends of the summer and, wisely, not paying attention to the television. Good choice.

Allow me to fill you in on what’s going on.

The media are writing Kerry’s obituary.

No joke.

And if you don't think this propaganda effectively shapes public opinion and electoral outcomes, you're living in a fantasy.

We all should know by now for whom the game is rigged.

It's wake-up time.

If you’ve been watching this thing from the sidelines up until this point, I implore you to get into the action now.

You can start by contacting the Kerry folks and letting them know that now would be a good time to begin the presidential campaign.

Then I'd suggest you break off $20 or more and send it to the DNC or MoveOn or a political organization you know to be effective.

Just do it.

Then I’d suggest you start freeway blogging.

Mainstream journalism is dead, guys.

Tell your community about George W. Bush

Be the media.

Talking about it and thinking about it ain't enough.

If you can't get off your ass for this fight, you deserve another four years of Bush.


Friday, September 03, 2004




You don’t know the Empire theme from Star Wars?


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hey, Kerry: The Karl Rove Whipping Boy Act Ain't Working. Let's Change Gears. 

Bartcop is also losing patience with this feckless campaign.

By the way, Kerry's situation has created a dilemma for me. If I continue to tell the truth, that Kerry seems to not want the job, people are going to resent that and some will blame me if/when he loses.

I can pretend that Kerry is a real fighter, landing blow after blow against the bully, but for me, lying only works as a comedic advice - so what do I do?

Any suggestions?

Maybe if I just wait him out, we'll eventually see signs of life, but right now Kerry is against the ropes taking shots to the head and his hands are at his sides. He's allowing the GOP and their media to define him as the worst candidate ever and he doesn't seem to mind - he sees no reason to respond to attacks that are "beneath him."

After a week of telling everyone, "Be nice to Bush, don't mention his crimes," the GOP is fabricating a rap sheet against Kerry that Maureen Dowd summed up perfectly yesterday.

"John Kerry would do well to get a swifter boat. How pathetic is it that he's playing defense on Vietnam when W. didn't even serve?”

Since the GOP is winning the "war hero" question, what do we have left? Kerry's charisma? They've defined Kerry as the most liberal man in all history, and he doesn't mind.

The voters are the 70 percent that believe Saddam engineered 9-11. The voters are stupid and ignorant and they'll believe whatever they hear, and Kerry's not saying anything - does anybody know why?

While the GOP is bashing Kerry's brains in, he's busy with this:

Isn't the time for vacation after November 2?
Yes, John, do feel free to start campaigning any day now.

I'm gonna begin ripping my hair out if this campaign doesn't get on track within 24 hours.


Unspinning the Headlines 

Actual Headline

Upbeat Republicans Revive Bush Theme of Compassion

Unspun Headline

Republicans Misled Nation About Phony 'Compassion' Issue Four Years Ago; Think They Can Get Away With it Again, Irrespective of Their Actions of The Past Four Years; Media To Help

Alterman has more. Check ‘em out.


My Evenings of Masochism 

No, really, I like watching the RNC and flying into a blind rage every night. I usually munch on a bowl of tinfoil balls to increase the agony.

I enjoy watching pieces of excrement like Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Arnold Schwarzenegger lie their assess off.

I love cringing over Dubya’s classless twit daughters’ “comedy routine.” They are super!

And isn’t Laura “Stepford wife” Bush great? Like the rest of America, I just love this lady!

I guess the high point of my week was when our strong and decisive leader made a “surprise” appearance via video feed from a fake softball game.

Oh, and the media coverage? Fair n’ balanced all the way, guys. You bet!

Digby pretty much sums up this circus of absurdity.