Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey Everybody!!! It's Adjective's Tree House! 

Aah better late than never! Yes boys and girls, hipsters of all ages and general malcontents it's time for another turgid episode of Adjective's Tree House! Our pop culutre correspondent Dj Adjective comes to you from behind the Orange curtain. He's there so I don't have to be!
This episode has Adjective giving us a rundown of Hot Wax purchases he made today while visiting Los Angeles! Incredibly heavy stuff here kids!

You can witness DJ Adjective spin these featured selections and countless others when he spins at the Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa, Thursday and Friday nights or Saturdays at Memphis in Santa Ana.

For a review of the good Dj's work see this OC weekly raving!!!
PLEASE cute girls only when making requests......

Take it away doll!!!


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