Monday, November 24, 2008

JFK Assassination - part 2 

Oswald talks to reporters after being arrested for the assassination of president Kennedy here.

Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby shoots Oswald in this alternate footage.

A wealth of info on Oswald here.

I certainly have never and will never believe, lovely thought that it may be, that Ruby was merely avenging Jackie Kennedy's and Americas' loss. The life of Jacob Rubenstein is here

I know I am a JFK assassination and conspiracy nut; I'm the first to admit it. I can't help but feel the events that November weekend in 1963 still affect the American psyche. The assassination, it's place in our culture, is relevant and important in the way we look at ourselves and our government. We have cast a skeptical and dubious eye on that government and the dark underbelly of this country ever since then. Only Watergate and the Vietnam war hold the same dramatic impact on us to this day.

Keeping progressives active. Katrina Vanden Huevel of The Nation has this.

Krugman wins Nobel prize in economics, meets Bush.