Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Evening Post - Adjective's Tree House!!! 

Hey Kids! It's Time for Adjective's Tree House!

Adjective is out of the medical hospice and back where he belongs in his Tree House! Welcome back Adj., little too much Cheech in your Chong, eh?

I have to warn you kids who may be watching to cover your ears because Adjective says a dirtyword. It's the one that means when Mommy and Daddy sleep in the same bed together.

Remember that DJ Adjective spins out of control hits at the Kitsch Bar every Friday and Saturday night in the beautiful city of Costa Mesa; so all you Sactown guys grab your broads and drive down. Now! Also kids, remember to eat an apple. Here's Adjective!


Matthews in a minute courtesy of 236.com

Joe the plumber feels dirty, awwww shucks. This is still a blog of rage so I feel compelled to say fuck off already!

Update: Blago!