Monday, December 22, 2008

Evening Post - Republicans Upset! 

The Franken Freakout! Rethuglicans reportedly in a Tizzy!


Since Obama's election I've managed to be somewhat mum on his appeasement, as well as recruitment, of the Democratic centrists.

Aside from tow or three posts about the return of the Clintons and the thirty one Clinton related appointees to his administration roster, I've kept complaining to a minimum because I wanted to give the new administration the benefit of the doubt and see what transpires over the next six months.

Sweet Invocations?

Which brings me to Rick Warren!

This guy's divisive, if not atavistic, beliefs regarding Gay marriage among other cultural issues is exactly what I thought this country was moving away from?!

Why in the world has Obama tapped a fat, culture warrior to give the invocation at the inauguration?

Does anyone feel sort of duped? If this is what is to come from Obama and the Clintonites then duped might be the nicest thing we can say has happened.

I'm still very optimistic and excited about the new administration, just a bit perturbed that we can't seem to leave cultural and religous philosophies out of politics.