Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas and Happy Birthday... 

Rod Serling!

Serling would have been 84 today! A master storyteller and downright macabre genius who packed into his mere 50 years a legendary string of brilliant Twilight Zone episodes as well as the much overlooked Night Gallery series of the early 70's.

In a time when Television was still somewhat in it's infancy, Rod Serling represented the vanguard of story telling for a modern and intellectual audience bored with news and game shows. Awarded the Purple Heart in World War II, Serling suffered from post traumatic stress and had nightmares which would imbue his writing in the following years. A heavy smoker, Serling sufferd two heart attacks before dying in 1975.

Happy Birthday you mad genius!

Serling flubs the classic intro to the Twilight Zone in this blooper.

Rod Serling, in what looks like a question and answer forum from the late 60's,
answers various questions regarding his writing style.

On his ideas

On pleasing the audience.

Rod Serling in a 1959 interview with CBS' Mike Wallace. Excellent, insightful and outspoken, a fascinating interview with the master!

Part 1

Part 2