Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Financial Scolding 

Wake up pajama clad Libruls!

Out of his cave and in your face, here's Angry Sam Owen!

As your emissary, as it were, between the nest of serpents and the real day to day existence of Joe Anybody perhaps I have failed in my duties.

Perhaps yer ol' pal Angry Sam has let both sides down. Perhaps in my enthusiasm to enlighten the masses, I have betrayed my position and alienated myself from the ones I had most hoped to reach. Perhaps I have come on a bit strong. Perhaps I have been a bit too alarmist.

Perhaps you should all go ahead and take Cheney's advice.

The Dollar, with nearly 70 years as the planetary reserve currency of choice is on the brink of losing its occupation. It's not alone.

There's a lot of people finding themselves in the same boat. During that period, entire nations have restructured their finances to coincide with that of the dollar. If the quantity of dollars worldwide has grown too large, the nations of the earth were forced to revalue their own currency to keep in step.

Every commodity on the planet is currently priced in dollars. If your national currency only buys a handful of dollars, you must inflate the supply of your currency to maintain an even keel.

If you, trusting in the federal reserve's primary goal of maintaining stability in the value of the dollar had put aside, for your children or your dotage, a sum of money at the inception of the FED in 1913 you would find that you now held a mere $50 for every $1000 that you initially stored away.

3/4s of that loss has taken place since 1970 when our old fiend (no I didn' t forget the "r") Tricky Dick broke the last ties of the dollar to anything concrete.

This most recent round of monetary creation is sure to cause the removal of the dollar as the "world's reserve currency" but don't take it from me, ask The experts

"Something funny is happening down at the bank"
- Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life.

Investment tip  o' the day:
Procter and Gamble
Makers of Pampers brand diapers
Exchange: NYSE
Currently trading at: $58.74
Tremendous upside potential as Obama infrastructure plan provides for massive governmental purchase of diapers to prevent shit from hitting fan.