Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! 

And Happy Birthday Otter!

Despite what you might hear from some, it is widely agreed that National Lampoon's Animal House represents the college experience everyone should have. A newly found irreverence toward the world, youthful, sexual exuberance and prankster politics, however shameful, done with the highest class.

Who, as a pre-teen male didn't want to go to college just to have those experiences?
Not to mention hangout with guys like Otter, Pinto, Hoover, Boone and Blutarsky?
I salute Mr. Matheson for the fine example he set forth many years ago, at the age of twelve my bedroom was a virtual Delta house thanks to you!

Tim Matheson is 61

This was the only decent scene I could grab containing "Otter" but it contains his classic line regarding trust among friends.

Happy New Year everyone!