Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meet The Puss 

Not that Meet The Press isn't and hasn't been a somnambulant blather fest lately, but Vanilla boy just made it that much more cheap! I did not watch Snuffleupagus this morning, specifically, to watch and see how Gregory handled himself.

He seemed tempered and was as usual, boring with that air of self importance that he imbues his pedestrian questions with.

Granted the best I've seen of David is when he would bitch at Scott McClellan as well as W. in those cringeworthy White House press briefings. I applauded that Gregory, believe me I've been to witness to his yapping pugnacity, but I don't expect that kind of energy from him now, not a chance.

So I think next week I'll try Snuffleupagus or Face The Nation. Of course there is the Chris Matthews Show and his cozy little hearth that follows Meet The Press. Yes,Tweety! I'm worried about him, he looks thin.

HA! I Told You!

(Jazz Brunch is coming, keep your pants on Ben)