Thursday, July 09, 2009

Robert Strange McNamara 1916 - 2009 

Always a numbers guy full of facts and figures and the right answer.
During Vietnam, however, the numbers confounded him and he couldn't
find the right answer. The facts, as he knew them in his mind, didn't add
up to the reality taking place in southeast Asia.

No big surprise that I have always been ambivalent on the strange saga of
Bobby Mac and his wrenching quest to be loyal to his commander - in- chief,
his country and the troops caught in a quagmire of mindbending proportions...
and still try to "defeat" communism in a strange, far off land.

The Vietnamese tenacity and heart defied the facts and figures this
Berkeley/Harvard wunderkind knew in his heart to be right. It crushed
him and in the end he called it quits, resigning on March 1st, 1968.

I believe he did give it his all, the old college try as they say, yet my
ambivalence still looms. I do wish him a well deserved rest but I don't
think we should ever forget the heinous and painful mistakes this man
made. The one saving grace was that he was enough of a Dove to keep
Nuclear war off the table.