Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nite Owl... 

Happy Birthday Captain Sensible!!!
Born Raymond Burns, the good Captain is 55!

Everytime I've seen The Damned, the Captain has been amazing.

The first time I saw them was in Los Angeles in '86 on the Phantasmagoria tour and Roman Jugg, more than adequately, took the guitar seat.

Since then I've seen the Damned another four times with the good Captain and everytime they were better than the last! The Captain's brand of punk, psychedelia and pop still holds up for me and of the three punk majors - the Sex Pistols and the Clash being the other two - The Damned have always been my hands down favorite.

I've seen the Captain's nuts, cock and arsehole and he's spat gum on me even... but what I always took away from those shows was the sound of his guitar in my head. A crunchy, skyscraping whine or watery psychedlic landscape - usually in the midst of some elegant chaos between the band and the crowd, are but two of the many memories I have of the Captain's great playing over the years.
Happy Birthday and Cheers!

Captain goes solo... Wot?!

The Damned - San Francisco, 1979 Born to Kill!

Sensible on drums, Scabies on guitar...Pretty Vacant!

Cukoo's Nest, Costa Mesa, Ca. 1980