Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish! 

I watched Bu$h's big "F- you" to the country this evening, which I saw as a slap in the face to the nation. It also was an opportunity for this jackass to justify his ineptitude. I could go bananas here, but I caught Chris Matthews immediately afterward and was glad I did because he was disgusted with the whole spectacle of Bush's cheap remarks.

This from Chris Matthews regarding Bush's farewell speech.

“The scary thing about Bush is that he met guys like Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby and William Kristol and Douglas Feith and bought into their Neocon ideology of taking war to the Arab countries in order to spread democracy and instill freedom.”

Matthews went on to point out how W was the guy who laughed his way through college, had everything given to him by his dad, including the Presidency, wasn't very curious, and therefore was susceptible to guys like Cheney et al.

Matthews then illustrated how W's actions as well as the mere unfortunate circumstance of life has cost the lives of 4000+ service men and women and wounded countless others. I sat forward at this point and began cheering for Matthews, this being the first time lately that he has grabbed me by the balls so I was caught off guard.

This, to me, is the immediate legacy of the BU$H era nightmare. The long term legacy I think will be even worse, and I don't buy any surmising by some that time will be good to W, especially when freedom and “democracy” reign in places like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Call me a cynic.

Matthews summed it up with this:

"The tragedy of the last eight years is that Bush is still trying to sell the neocon doctrine, as evidenced in his speech tonight."

Absolutely goddamned right!