Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Jazz 

Good morning to all! Or afternoon.

Before I introduce the Sunday Jazz artist I would like to take time to apologize to the entire blog family for my outburst at 2am, or thereabouts, this morning.

My comments were slung out there without thought or consideration and although done as a joke, I tend to forget that in this medium those intentions can be lost. So in other words, it wasn't funny - just mean.

In particular I'd like to apologize to my good friend Adjective for needling him on something that simply isn't true. My apologies to you ol' sport! To anyone else I may have offended, I extend the same apology.

About ten years ago, due to massive beer consumption, I was of a rather portly nature myself, so I should know better.

I'm sure Adjective remembers. In fact, Adjective, weren't you Mr. Junior El Toro 1981?

So to calm myself down and also do what our fearless leader hired me to do, here's a classic favorite of mine - and hopefully yours - Mr. Horace Silver with two of his classics.

Horace at Newport 1959. Senor Blues.

Horace in what looks like Rome? 1976. Song For My Father.

No need to comment...
...I'll lock up.