Saturday, January 17, 2009

Will These Losers Get Off Scott Free? 

Tar them, feather them and then show the world why these people are to be despised! Do not forget these faces or what they've wrought upon our nation. Vile, dumb scum! If these guys are "enemies of conservatives" then why did most vote twice for these assholes?

There is a reason that W.'s face would come up on Google when the word "Failure" was entered. I was thinking in the shower, as usual, about the impact of this administration and how this group of divisive and myopic Neoconservatives are an anomaly in the annals of presidential history.

Their little experiment didn't work, the consequences of which are showing signs of disaster already. And then of course there are the disasters we've all seen and the creepy crew responsible.

9/11, Plame/Leak/Gate, Iraq, warrantless wiretapping, Abu Ghraib, Katrina, attorney firings, justice Roberts, Alito, Gonzogate, Harriet Miers, 'Scooter' Libby, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Ashcroft, Fieth, Pearl, WMD lies, intelligence lies, Iraq lies, torture lies, cronyism, attorney firings and choked on pretzels. Did I forget anything? Probably. How about jingoistic, ideological, nationalistic, ignorant and arrogant and just plain dumb? If you got anymore, post them in the comments.

I am wrong, however, as our fearless editor Steve pointed out, on this administration being an anomaly of sorts. The history of the Neocon movement traces back to Reagan and the likes of James Baker as well. Personally, I'd like to see the following list of losers taken to task by our government for war crimes at least! Steve mentions it'll never happen.

I'd like to thank Mr. Hilton for this enjoyable if not infuriating read. Here are 43 reasons why George W. Bush's tragic and maddening administration should go down as the most destructive and absolutely worst administration to ever be 'elected'!


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