Saturday, January 24, 2009

Night Owl - The South Bay Part II 

A month ago, I put up a post on the South Bay punk movement I grew up in and which flourished in the late seventies and early eighties. I was really surprised by the number of comments it received. The last post focused on Black Flag and the Circle Jerks. For this post, I want to cover two more highly influential hardcore bands -- the Minutemen and the Descendents.

Here’s some great footage of the Minutemen at the Starwood in Hollywood from 1980.

And here’s the Minutemen playing a backyard party in Lomita. Lomita is a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and where you went if you wanted to score a dime bag.

This footage of the Descendents from Mi Casita restaurant in Torrance (on Sepulveda or Pacific Coast Highway) in 1983 really shows the audacious amount of energy young hardcore bands could put out.

Note: There are about 9 minutes of the rest of this show available, but due to the quality of the sound in some spots, I’ll leave it up to you to sift through it. My advice would be to advance to 3:15 in the footage. This is not to say all of the footage is screwed.