Monday, January 05, 2009

Minnesota Board Certifies Franken as Winner! 


Coleman - upset. More here!

Coleman in happier times. I think I bought weed from this guy once.


Obama names former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta to head CIA

One of my all-time favorite actors, Robert Duvall is 78!

Apocalypse Now.

One of the funniest lines I think I've ever seen Duvall deliver, at :21 seconds, from one of his surprisingly lesser known roles in Sideny Lumet's 1976 classic Network.

Duvall reflects on his career in this interview.

Of course the first two Godfathers contain vintage Duvall as well as The Apostle, THX 1138, Tender Mercies and the Lonsome Dove series. Only time permits me listing more here but you get the picture.

Happy Birthday!