Saturday, January 03, 2009

Here We Go! 

Israeli ground troops in Gaza are met with resistance!

Israel refuses to cease-fire as BU$HCo's half assed calls for negotiations betray their true intentions on this situation. I know this is nothing new for Israel and Palestine but the situation seems quite ominous this time around. Israel is wrong, however, and, personally, I'd like to see them get their asses kicked!

It will never happen. The Untied States not only defends Israel because it's the "Holy Land", but strategically, it is a choice position for us in the middle east!

It will never happen. Not with a U.S. supplied and funded Israeli military that is hellbent on descimating Palestinians for religous reasons. These people just want a place to live for chrissakes!

Hamas=bad, I get it! We are talking about people, however, whose lives have been relegated to that of servile peasants in their own land!

Hamas may very well be the "bad apples" who happen to be fighting a religous war that is in tandem with the need for freedom for Palestine. This makes sense to me! How hard is it to understand that people, generally, don't dig oppression, hence the Black Panther, Brown power and Women's liberation movements of the late sixties and early seventies in this country.

Now, granted, Hamas has gone a little further than mere sit-ins and protesting but this has been going on for forty plus years now. I'd be pissed off too! Oppression will always bring violence eventually and it would happen here in America if we all weren't busy watching American Idol.

Huffington Post has the latest on this maddening situation.