Friday, January 02, 2009

Bagels and Rocks - Day after New Years Day Post! 

Thanks to contributor Fried Wire for this link.

Stiff Little Fingers was one of the progenitors of punk rock in late 1970's England and were important enough to have a record label named after them. Here they are performing Suspect Device in 1979.

Thanks, Fried! They sure don't make punk rock they way they used to back in the day...

Okay, here is my New Years resolution for all to see... all ten of you.

I, Interim Editor in Chief, Underhill, from now on, will not use the term "back in the day."

I hate that phrase, I'm sorry I used it in the last sentence and, frankly, if you think about it, what the hell does it really mean?

When you say "the day," which one are you talking about? Am I to always immediately assume that one is refering to the good 'ol day(s) of yesteryear? A half-assed generalization sorta?

Or are you refering to a special day like when you lost your virginity or first got your ass kicked? Does this correlate with the current subject of which you speak in terms of a quality experience or specialness?

Whatever, no worries, and it's all good! I'll let you all know of any other resolutions that I may have.

By the way....

Is Israel going to invade Gaza? I'll venture to guess BU$HCo's involvement and support is an 8 on the collusion meter.

Push out all the last-minute horror you can George, barring any "unforseen" catastrophe that may prevent the changing of the guard January 20th, your days of royally screwing this country are numbered.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The New York times has the latest from Gaza.