Monday, January 19, 2009

Adjective's Tree House! 

After a bit of a sojourn, our resident contributor is back with another episode from within his botanical lair. The good DJ has been hanging out recently with a group of musical pals known as The New Rome Quartet. I've just seen the footage myself and I have to say I'm impressed so I advise you all to take a gander. I don't know if these guys are heading north to Sacto. anytime soon, but we'll keep you posted. A special 'Hello' and 'nice job' to bassist Frank Cronin of the Quartet.

Thanks for another fine episode of the Treehouse, Adjective. When can we expect another?

The New Rome Quartet only on Adjective's Tree House only on Smithantics!

"You the man, Barack"!

Despite the fact I really needed to go into a bank today, and threw a major tantrum outside it's locked doors, it is, after all, what would've been Martin Luther King's 70th Birthday. Wherever Dr. King is, I hope he gets a vibe of tomorrow's historic event. Thanks Doc!