Friday, December 05, 2008

Listen Up People! 

MESSAGE from the interim EDITOR in CHIEF.
Los Angeles 5:05pm PST December 5th, 2008

While Mr. Smith, our fearless founder and an all around ham-fisted good guy, is off in Seoul, I, Mr. Underhill, am in charge of the compound until he is rested and ready for duty again! We owe him this! In the meantime there are some things I want to get straight so...

Listen up people!

Or maybe I should say - Smith, Adjective, Hilton, Fried Wire, Chavez, Viking, Liberal Terrorist Sympathizer, Angry Sam, Lisa and Leila? Just so we know who each of us are, right?

Smith? We cool?

Okay people....First and foremost I am not pissed off. Contrary to Mr. Smith's transmissions stating otherwise, nothing could be further from the truth! This does not mean that I'm not disappointed from time to time at the somnambulant ghost town that I wander through here. Granted there is no money involved in this and I really do enjoy it for the experience as well as for helping Smith.

So while Mr. Smith is in Seoul getting his Sake and strange on, let me open up the forum and ask simply:

Where The Fuck Are You Guys?!

Please pardon the salty talk Lisa and Leila but you two are part of this and are needed as well.

I know it's the holidays and there is money to spend and places to go and you still gotta go to work and blah blah blah. Brief comments are ok in my book as well and I understand that to sit and thoughtfully compose something, sometimes, takes more time than you have to give.

However, a story about, say... the Mumbai death squads being a bunch of Pakistanis whacked out on coke and LSD, to me, screams for a comment.
Jesus Christ! Hilton! Smith!, fucking Liberal Terrorist Sympathizer!!! You're telling me you guys don't appreciate a story like this? How the hell else do you think those little Pakistani devils stayed awake fighting for sixty hours?

The point is we just won an election that is a victory for the entirety of this country, not to mention a personal victory for this blog whose inception was sparked by the need to get rid of the wretched pig fuckers known as the Bush administration. Just because sanity has been restored doesn't mean, to me at least, that we all go back to sleep and be fairweathered about our involvement.

Yes I know that this is just a humble little blog and commenting here....? What difference does it make in the big picture?

Well I hear ya' people.

I hear you loud and clear and I understand the apathy. It is true that it is a humble, little blog but I believe the principle of our involvement is what is important. In the bigger picture and as a collective, I believe that is how shit gets done.

Again, speaking for myself, the last eight years of Neocon nightmares is hardly over. Now is when we raise the biggest type of stink any group of forward, progressive thinking people can muster. Which judging by the sub-name of this blog is rageful!

So why not keep it up? Who's with me?!

Revolution for the hell of it!

(Which Frank Burns would never say!)