Monday, December 08, 2008

Evening Post - Double Jimbo Birthday 

Jim Morrison and the Doors scared the shit out of me when I was eight years old! I've been a fan ever since.

Here is a salute to Jim Morrison on what would of been his 65 Birthday!

This is one of the best live pieces I've seen of The Doors. Jim seems almost possessed. Particularly interesting is Densmore's innerplay on drums with Morrison is close to a striptease. This from a Granada TV documentary shot in Amsterdam, September 1968. Back Door Man.

Another great european TV performance from 1968. Unknown Soldier.

A 21 year old Jim Morrison in this 1964 Florida State University promo

The late, great Jimmy Smith. I saw him once at UCLA for free. I was one of the only white guys there and it was almost a religous experience. Smith seemed like he was from another planet and his playing almost otherworldly. I remember when he first walked out he got a standing ovation before playing a single note. Happy Birthday!

Never seen this before! Jimmy Smith combo appearing in a 60's teen flick.Slick.

Jimmy Smith with Kenny Burrell on guitar from 1993.

Jimmy Smith Quintet. A Night In Tunisia.