Sunday, December 07, 2008

Adjective's Tree House Will Not Be Seen Tonight... 

Update from the interim Editor:

Dj Adjective is suffering from "Bongsong" and is resting comfortably in seclusion this evening. He will return shortly.


It is official! The shy, little boy that could has attained heights he, nor I, could of imagined. The boy is on television right now and he is nearly blushing.

Tom Brokaw has just handed over the reigns to the longest running talk show in Television's illustrious history to....David Gregory, who, according to Brokaw, does a "drop dead" impersonation of the sage ol' newsman himself! Ha! Brokaw impressions are cheap shit, Dave!

If I was there, proudly receiving this mandate from NBC/General Electric, I would of done the manly thing and immediately turned the tables on Brokaw and begun hammering him on his recent buttlicking of the McCain campaign during the election. Get to work right away! Why not?

Did Gregory step up? No.

Instead he tried waxing poetic some bullshit about his "early days" coming up under the wings of Brokaw and the late Tim Russert. This humble angle is the kind of melodramatic put-on that has been David's shrewd style since he was in Toughskins.

I told you years ago, Dave, on that blistering hot day on your cul-de-sac in Encino, not to bullshit a bullshitter! Especially if he's better at it than you!

If "Tweety" goes to Pennsylvania I'm screwed!

Why couldn't I have been friends with George Stephanopolous?

This isn't over Gregory!