Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mild Annoyances 

This is not of great consequence, but I’m taking the Huffington Post off the First Reads list. I find the site’s format to be annoying and Drudge-ish, and it is by no means a first read for me. It kinda bugs me that the Huffpo is, for many, their one-stop shop for political commentary. It’s a borderline gossip rag, and the usually last source I consult for information and analysis. I did keep Huffpo linked on this site, though, because there is some decent stuff on there.

I’m also annoyed with Keith and Rachel -- the former for his gloating and self-aggrandizing sniping, the latter for her incessant mock incredulity (the constant "um, are you kidding me?" pregnant pause that litters her commentary). The sensory overload of both Keith and Rachel’s shows also gets on my nerves.