Monday, August 25, 2008

Recovering McCain Fans 

Since Underhill covered what I was going to post about today (the bitter Hillary partisans who need to get the fuck over themselves), I’ll post about something far less important but incredibly annoying:

What’s with the Democrats who believe McCain was once respectable? How often do we hear liberal-minded folks express their disappointment that McCain has abandoned his former honorable self. As if McCain hasn’t always been a far-right, anti-choice, war-loving, corporate-whore Rethug. These are the same Democrats who believe in the Fantasy Reagan -- the version that wasn’t the genocidal war criminal currently burning in hell.

And while I really have no choice but to embrace Biden as the VP pick, I’ll just add that Biden is a man who also has heaped big sloppy gobs of praise upon McCain. I’ve witnessed this more times than I care to remember. Despite what we’ll hear from him on the campaign trail over the next few months, Joe Biden adores John McCain. I have serious problems with that.