Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I’ve been thinking a lot about the quote below from this piece on McCain:
Conservatism is, among many other things, a culture. The most important glue binding it together is a shared sense of cultural grievance--the conviction, uniting conservatives high and low, theocratic and plutocratic, neocon and paleocon, that someone, somewhere is looking down their noses at them with a condescending sneer.
I think this gets right to the heart of America’s failure. This retarded childlike insecurity manifests itself in the ugliest, most counterproductive, self-defeating rage. It turns what should be a landslide defeat for the Rethug criminals into a nail-biter (albeit with a healthy assist from the inept Democrats).

It’s hard to fathom a moral-progressive awakening in a nation with so many assholes who buy the caricature of liberalism as snooty superiority. I don't look down on Rethugs with a condescending sneer. I look on them with pure contempt.