Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Villagers 

Via Atrios:
They Weren't In On It

After years of being an amateur anthropologist studying the ways of Live Villagers In Their Native Habitat, I've concluded that the simplest explanation for their horror at the mighty Clenis was simply that they felt excluded from the party during his presidency.

From 1969 to 1993 there was almost uninterrupted Republican dominance of Washington. And by dominance I don't just mean control of the levers of power, but dominance of the social circle and the village customs. Carter was a brief aberration, and he was treated similarly as some out of town freak.

We've learned that the Villagers don't mind lies as long as they're in on them, don't mind criminal behavior as long as it's done by their pals, and don't mind jawdropping levels of corruption as long as everyone's getting along nicely while munching on quail at David Broder's place. They don't like outsiders, and the Clintons were outsiders.
Petty fucking children.