Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Midnight Rock Post - The Who! 

The Who live at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Massachusets, July 7, 1970. Loud!


After Years of Flying Under His Radar, Gregory Fucks Me One More Time!

My old nemesis and fellow Baseball cheat David Gregory has just been appointed the new moderator of Meet The Press. Those of you who know my story know that at the age of ten, young Gregory and I were thrown together by both our single, boozing moms who worked in real estate. In the short time I was forced to be David's friend, I constantly caught him cheating at any type of sporting activity we engaged in, Baseball mostly.

Later, I "rat-tailed" David's sister Stephanie with a dish rag to the face! Needless to say I became persona non grata in the Gregory house. The point is that Dave was a whiny, punk-bitch, do gooder; the kind of ten year old who was the teacher's pet until she turned her back.

Gregory is a safe and moderate choice for the network who wouldn't dare throw an upstart in there after the death of Russert and the somnambulant approach of Brokaw.

So I'm pissed at Phil Griffin or whoever is responsible at NBC for allowing the scourge of the Gregory legacy to progress! Again he has fooled you and usurped me and will now fill my living room every fucking Sunday morning with his cloy act! I, however, am not fooled by the chimpish smile that betrays the manipulative evil inside this 6 foot 4 twirp!

Why not Andrea Mitchell? While Gregory was busy throwing one of his king bitch of a tantrums over one of my ground rule doubles, Andrea Mitchell was in Washington as a correspondent and partying with the Beltway elite!

So, David Gregory of Encino, California, as cool as it was getting to meet Red Buttons at your house that one time... I hated you! I hated you then and I hate you now! You have royally fucked up Sundays for me, Guy!

Not to mention your just plain boring!

Fuck it! I'm going with Stephanopolous!